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The Art and Practice of Machinima: Filmmaking with Graphics Rendering Engines

Tid: 18 november 2010 kl. 13:00
Aktivitet: Kortkurs
Status: Normal
Person: Jim Barrett och Jenna Ng


What do you do if you want to make a film with lots of fancy graphics and special effects but do not have the resources of a Hollywood production studio to do it? Or if you play a computer game and want to record all your super cool stunts into a super cool film sequence to show your friends and get their undying admiration? Or if you play a computer game AND want to make a film using that game with lots of fancy graphics and special effects...??

Welcome to Machinima - the creation of films using real-time 3D graphics rendering programs of computer games or virtual worlds. Learn how to make films with games or virtual worlds! This course will first briefly introduce machinima by describing what it is, showing some examples, and explaining some related concepts of film art and film language. We'll look at how to make machinima, including practical issues such as script production, scene setting, audio recording, the shooting of sequences and post-production. There will also be hands-on time for participants to make their own machinima films with guidance from the instructors.

Kursen hålls på engelska, men det går bra att ställa frågor på svenska!